Planning on Teaching in the UAE? – Here’s What You Need to Know


Teaching might seem tough to numerous people out there, but those who have been teaching for years have come to a conclusion that it’s actually fun, no matter how hectic it might be. Let’s take an example of a teacher travelling abroad to pursue the same career. Before he takes this step, he would have to thoroughly inform himself about the scope and current conditions of teaching in that specific country. In the UAE, for example, a system of issuing teaching licenses was introduced. This means that every lecturer, either local or foreign, working in a school or in a university, would have to get a teaching license in UAEin order to teach within the country legally. The name of this test is the TLS (Teacher Licensing System)

What is TLS?

The TLS is a standardized test introduced on Emirati soil and it is mandatory for all teachers to appear in the exam. However, this was introduced as a pilot phase back in 2017 and is not implemented across the country yet. It is expected to be made compulsory by the end of 2020 and no teacher would be allowed to teach without having a proper teaching license. A plus point of the introduction of this system is the fact that it would guarantee the advancement in the education sector, and would make teachers competent enough to compete at international standards.

Do note that a proper teaching license would only be issued if the applicant passes both tests related to pedagogy, and subject specialization. The subject specialization exam revolves around the content of that specific subject a teacher is interested to teach. For example, an English lecturer would only be asked to specialize and practice the subject he’s basically good at. There’s no way he’d be allowed to teach a different subject. The second test an applicant has to pass is related to pedagogy. In simple terms, pedagogy refers to the method of teaching. It basically revolves around teaching styles, feedback and teacher theory. So, when a lecturer decides on delivering a lecture, he would think of ways to deliver his content efficiently. The main goal of pedagogy is to promote the growth of novice learners.

Keeping the advantages of the introduction of the teaching licensing system in the UAE, its easy to deduce that it is indeed a great step. This system would ensure the availability of skilled and competent teachers. Students, too, would be relieved due to the fact that they’re being taught by highly skilled individuals, with years of experience in their specific fields, and not by someone who’s relatively new and fails to deliver what they ask for. This step would certainly open new doors to an advanced era of both teaching and learning.

The Decision is yours to make

This system has not been made compulsory as per yet, but do keep it in mind that it would be made compulsory in the near future. If you intend on pursuing the teaching career in the UAE and want to enjoy the perks it has to offer, then you should seriously opt for appearing in this test. The best decision you could make as per now is to opt for a teacher license as soon as possible. The main point of this statement is to help you avoid any unnecessary problems in the near future.



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