Pro Tips On Preparing Artwork For T-Shirt Printing


There are so many clothes that people wear for fashion purposes but one cloth that people can’t resist wearing if they want to look fashionable is the t-shirt.  These are in the fashion trend from the beginning. Some people like to wear these having quotes or graphic design on it. It can also be an oversized t-shirt. There are so many types of these available but the ones that attract a lot of people these days are the customized ones. These are popular because we can customize them and put our own design on these.

Now I will give you some pro tips on preparing artwork for t-shirt printing.

1.Ability of printing in different formats– To print on paper is different from doing it on fabric. It can be of various types:

(a)Putting designs by screen printing– This type was used in early days when making designs on t-shirts actually started. Here the screens are in the form of mesh to put design on these. Separate layers of colors are needed to print design on the fabric. We can use 10 layers.

(b)Use of direct to garment printing– A new technique is direct to garment printing technique. It does not put colors in layers on the top of the fabric but here the ink is injected into the fabric. If you want to recreate minute qualities then this type is really helpful. Here the file should be of 300 d.p.i.

(c)Use of transfer printing– This type of printing makes the use of heat for working. The pigments of color are moved from a surface to the other surface by the use of heat. Here an adhesive paper is used and we have to cut this paper into simple shapes to make it available for work.

(d)Use of cad cut vinyl printing– Here we use a laser which is operated by computer to cut a vinyl design. After some time, this design is shifted to the fabric. The cut shapes should not be very difficult.

(e)Use of embroidery– Designs that are complex are recreated by using the machines of embroidery. But it requires a very high price because the price is for every point. If the artwork is complicated then it will charge a very high price to print the t-shirt.

2.Use of high-resolution file– Mostly a file of high-resolution is needed in almost all techniques of printing. There are some cases where some images can be printed in a file of less resolution i.e. 150 d.p.i. while maximum files are reproduced in a file of more resolution which is of 300 d.p.i.

3.Importance of colors– If you are going to design customized t-shirts then colors are very important for it. The different types of colors are:

(a)CMYK– In printers the best color model used is CMYK color model. It plays a very important role in photoshop because here we need to use the ‘image’ option only.

(b)Pantone codes– It is very good for your printer because it will help in avoiding a lot of mistakes.

(c)Use of printing onto dark garments– Here we first apply a coating of white ink. The other colors are applied over it by using it as a base.

4.Use of various effects– We can’t use photoshop in designing a t-shirt. Here we can use the following effects:

(a)Use of filters in general.

(b)Decreased opacity.

(c)Glow effect.

(d)Fading of edges.

(e)Drop shadow effect.


We can use a software called t-shirt design software which is used for customizing t-shirts. The customers can design these according to them and then can purchase them from ecommerce shops.