Step by step Backlink guide for beginners


Backlinking is key factor of off page or outhouse seo. After onpage seo and publication of our post we need to create some backlinks. We will see what are the backlinks, how to create backlinks etc step by step in this guide.



  • What are backlinks?


Do you know what is backlink? When we put our page url in other website with hyperlink its called backlink.


  1. Why we need backlinks ?

Its very crucial and vital factor in ranking system of search engines. We can list out following reasons behind nedd of a backlink.

  • We have to direct crawlers towords our site or our article.
  • If quality site gives us dofollow backlinks search engine consider it as their recommendation.
  • Backlinks helps to grow rankings faster.
  • Backlinks from quality sites can grow your referral traffic
  • Quality backlink can grow your domain authority.


  1. What are the types of backlinks?

backlinks are classified into the two types. One is Dofollow and second is Nofollow.


  • Dofollow: When website owner allow Dofollow backlinks google consider it as their recommendation to rank linked site. If you get Dofollow backlinks from quality site you rankngs and authority grows faster as google consider recommendation of that site.


  • Nofollow When the platforms and sites decide to giveĀ  links but they don’t want to recommend or endorse that linked website. They allow nofollow links from their website. If you post links on such sites u can get traffic but google will not consider that link as recomendation

for example quora, Redit.



  • Ways to get a backlinks


As we seen what is backlink, what are the types of backlinks, we will take look at how we can create backlink? I listed some of the ways to get backlink below.


  • Manual linking

Many bloggers links other’s good articles in their own article. You can get backlink if someone links your article in their blog.



  • Guest posting


Many sites offer backlink in exchange of guest post. This way comes under grey hat seo so i persnoally do not recommend this way. But this is widely used way to generate backlinks.



  • PPT and PDF submission sites


Many PPT and PDF sites are available. Those sites have high DA and give you quality backlink in return when you submit PPT and PDF on their site you can put your link in description there.



  • Social bookmarks


in past social bookmarking sites were very helpful in geting backlinks but after many changes in algorithms today I do not think bookmarking sites are still helpful.

On such sites you can register your blog and url



  • Image submission sites


Many sites offer image hosting and submission. When you create inforgraphics or other images and submit there. You can get backlink for your website for free. Such sites has high domain auhtority and can help your site to get ranked.



At fundaking training program we teach indepth seo and blogging strategies to out interns. Backlinks are medium to invite crawlers on site as well as booster to ranking. Experts thinks there areĀ  200 parameters get considered while ranking. We never know full algorithm of google but we can surely say backlinks can raise your ranking. Happy backlinking.






Author is known as funda king he is a passionate blogger and conduct training programs for beginners in blogging and digital marketing sector. The amazing thing is his basic training programs are free for students.