Trimmer vs Shaver – which one is the best?



Whether you shave, have a beard or are change between totally different appearance, your style needs tons of maintenance. For maintenance, you need tons of tools and among such tools return shavers and trimmers.

The million-dollar question of trimmer vs best electric shaver involves the mind of each man with facial hair. ought to I am going with a shaver or whether or not trimmer is enough for maintaining my vogue are the categories of queries we tend to get oft.

Different parts of Beard Trimmer – know Your Trimmer better

Modern trimmers are versatile and serve tons of various functions. With every purpose that a trimmer serves, it’s some alteration to its basic style. However, the elemental parts in any trimmer remain the same. Here are the basic parts/components of a general beard trimmer.

  • Comb
  • Cutters
  • Motor
  • Battery and charger
  • electric cord
  • docking station

Mechanism of Action – however a Beard Trimmer Works

In easy words, the operating mechanism of a trimmer is that the same as utilized in a standard technique that involves scissors and comb. You primarily elevate the hair to a specific length with a comb so exploitation the scissors hairs are bring to an end. A trimmer uses the mechanism however being a stronger robust an improved} machine it’s more precise and correct.

Trimmers primarily feature a motor that runs directly on electricity or on indictable batteries. You charge these batteries by merely inserting the trimmer in an exceedingly tying up station or by attaching the cables directly. The motor then oscillates the cutters that cut the hair at their disposal.

The basic and a crucial element of any trimmer is that the comb. These combs will either be adjustable or fastened. fixed combs trim the hair to a particular length; however, adjustable combs supply a spread of lengths. Some trimmers keep company with variety of combs, and you’ll modify them in line with your preference.

Comb solely permits those hairs to urge connected with the cutters that are larger than the comb. once exposed to cutters, these are bringing to an end from the highest and solely the desired length remains. Since this comb is fastened and command firmly in situ, it provides a particular and correct trimming of hair. This operating mechanism provides uniformity to the entire hair growth.

Different components of electrical Shaver – Basic and Advanced

Nowadays, you may notice several options and elements in an exceedingly shaver thanks to the evolution of technology. Following are a number of the same old elements you’ll see in an electrical shaver.

  • Foil head/rotary head
  • Foil screen
  • Cutters
  • Motors
  • Battery and charger
  • cord
  • tying up station

Mechanism of Action – however electrical Shavers Work

Electric shavers are often broadly speaking classified into 2 types:

  1. Rotary Shavers
  2. Foil Shavers

Rotary Shavers – Best for Long and fast-growing Hair

As the name indicates, these shavers have rotating heads at the highest. though most rotary shavers have 3 heads, the quantity of heads will vary in numerous models. There are little openings altogether of those heads and these heads positioned are triangularly most frequently.

Hairs are raised from the face to enter in little openings of the head to be cut. additionally, this style traces the contours of face and head as you progress the shaver in an exceedingly circular pattern.

Behind these heads, there are cutters that are command firmly in situ. because the best head shaver slip into the tiny openings and are bring to an end entirely. These cutters want periodic replacement as a result of worn-off cutters will render the shaver useless.

Foil Shavers – more sensible choice for Soft Skin

Electric shavers that have an ultra-thin layer of metal covering the surface of blades are typically cited as foil shavers. similar to rotary shavers, there are little holes during this foil that lure the hair within them.

These at bay hairs are then exposed to the sharp blades that are oscillating apace that cut the hair. The extraordinarily speedy oscillation conjointly helps in lifting the hair that provides a sleek and shut shave.


Both of those shavers keep company with motors for various functions. The motor rotates in heads of rotary shavers whereas oscillates the blades in foil shavers. they are available with batteries that you’ll charge with chargers or tying up station.

The main aim of each of those shavers is to chop hair from its base and supply a clean and sleek shave. They win this by pull the hair from the skin via totally different mechanisms and cut them via their cutters. you’ll get a lot of on the foil vs rotary shaver higher here.


Trimmer vs shaver could also be a unending discussion for a few, however if you look closely you may recognize that they’re 2 totally different things designed to serve different functions.


I have tried to stipulate however every works and a few of the essential variations after they serve a particular user base. However, in the end, it comes right down to you and therefore the desires you wish your tool to fulfill.

We hope this text answered a number of the queries that you just might need. If you continue to have one thing to raise, not, leave a comment below and that we would like to respond.