We Buy Houses: What These Signs Really Are and the People Behind Them

We Buy Houses: What These Signs Really Are and the People Behind Them


The term “We buy houses” is widely used throughout the country. For the purposes of this article, I am going to talk about the characters using this phrase. I’m sure you’ve ever noticed a local sign that says “We buy houses” in your town or neighborhood. There are other variations, such as “I buy houses”, “We buy ugly houses Knoxville“, etc. Most of them are handwritten, but some may look even more professional with color printing. The term is also found on the Internet, where search engines can discover. So what is there? Who puts these signs anyway?

In fact, I use characters like these in my personal business. As a real estate investor, I have posters in neighborhoods that I want to buy. The industry calls them “bandit posters.” This is because in many cities and communities it is contrary to the city code to place them on public property, hence the word “bandit”. They are mainly used to “cover” an area for maximum exposure. You can find them at motorway exits, at major traffic lights or intersections, or on a major city street or highway. They can also be seen at neighborhood entrances and in Wal-mart malls and shops. Some will be parked on the ground while others can be found tied to telephone poles.

So who puts these signs up and what is their business? The purpose of these signs is obviously to market to home sellers. As I mentioned before, I invest in real estate and using these signs is a great way to get sellers to call me. It’s the opposite of marketing something for sale. Basically, we market the fact that we want to buy something. This is why the signs most often come from real estate investors. There are different styles of real estate investors, which means they have different exit strategies. Some investors like to find houses that they can use as rent. Others are “fins”, or rather want to find houses that they can arrange and sell to make a profit. As investors, they look for discounted properties or “great deals.” The goal is to find a motivated seller whose house has become a problem for them and has the courage to sell at a great discount. Most will be cash buyers and can close your home very quickly. This is the benefit of looking for the switch behind the sign and selling your house quickly.

If you have a home that you need to sell and want to try a number on one of these signs to see what they can offer, keep in mind a few things. Let’s say three things in mind: First, you expect a discount because that’s what you’re looking for. If you do not have enough capital to back them up, you can offer them to rent your property or finance from the seller. Second, it’s super easy. If you end up selling your home by contacting a “bandit sign” number, you should have a very easy and hassle-free transaction. But there are always exceptions, which brings me to my third thing I should know: some investors you contact may live elsewhere, which is not a big problem, but they only know that they could “sell” your information . whether to contact a local investor or simply to expand their markets.

Now that you know the “We buy houses” signs, call one and see how they can help you. It’s free and the least you can do is have some fun with them!