What Does Janitorial Cleaning Service Mean? – Explained


A janitor could be someone cleaning an office, a business enterprise, a hospital, or even a school. These professionals play an important part in keeping any business, or workplace neat and clean. A janitorial cleaning service is very important for every office because these service providers make a good impression of your business on visitors. If the environment inside is clean and inviting, people will love spending more time at your facility. If the insides of your workspace are unkempt and dirty or smelly, people will not want to spend time discussing business with you. Besides, your reputation will be at stake and a bad reputation spreads faster. Therefore, you need to consider investing in hiring professional janitorial services.

Qualities of a Janitor

A professional and well-trained janitor would have enough strength to manage heavy lifting and spending several hours cleaning. He or she would maintain hygiene in every way because they would understand that it is their responsibility to maintain cleanliness. Janitors not only clean toilets, or vacuum the floors, and take the trash out.

They do much more like managing heavy-duty cleaning machines. They have to spend eight hours a day walking around sweeping and mopping constantly. It seems like an easy job but it really is not that easy. A janitor would do all the hard work making sure there is no dirt anywhere. Depending on the size of your business, you may need to hire more than one janitor. Some organizations need a different shift of janitors to work through the night as well. This can be tough and finding professionals who can work for you would not be easy. This is why hiring companies like Jan Pro OKC, which provides cleaning services is a great idea.

Duties of Janitorial Cleaning Services

In case, you are wondering whether cleaning service providers have a set of duties that they follow, then yes, they do. They have a code of duty to follow and fulfill their janitors. These duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Keeping the office space clean for all employees by collecting trash, cleaning furniture, vacuuming the carpets, and disposing of the trash.
  • Wipe all computer screens and keyboards and desks
  • Clean the restrooms and make sure there is enough of the essentials like liquid hand soap in the dispenser, toilet paper, and empty trashcans.
  • Make sure there is no bad odor anywhere, and use air fresheners for that.
  • Clean the walls and mot the floors of the entire building including toilets.
  • Wipe the sinks and cabinets in the toilets and other areas of the building
  • Make sure there are no cobwebs on walls and in the corners of the roof.
  • Janitors have to clean all windows and mirrors in the building to make sure they are spotless.
  • In larger offices and businesses, janitorial services might also be responsible for placing the order for cleaning supplies and keeping inventory to make sure the cleanliness keeps going on inflow without running out of the cleaning material.
  • If the windows have cubicles, janitors are responsible to clean them.
  • Janitorial cleaning service has to clean carpets once a month using the steam cleaner. However, this varies with the requirements of the business.
  • Janitors have to mix the cleaning chemicals in the right proportion not to cause damage to the fixtures and flooring.
  • Janitors may have to remove the snow in the driveways, parking area, or sidewalks using shovels, snowplows, and snow blowers. They may have to use chemicals to prevent icing over and freezing.
  • Sometimes janitors have to trim the lawn to prevent them from looking unkempt.

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