What is the alpha state of mind?


Usually, our brain frequency is 14 to 30 hertz. We run our brains at this frequency almost all day. With this frequency of the brain we interact, act, express emotions and save critical thinking.

When the brain is at this frequency it is called Beta state of mind, and in this case, the emitted rays are called Beta waves.

When in some part of the day we are thinking of something missing or an event or fantasy in our thoughts, then the frequency of our brain decreases to 8 to 14 hertz. Or when we are going to sleep, the mood of the mood is getting worse, this is the same frequency of our brain. It is called the Alpha state of mind and the spheres that originate in this state are called Alpha waves.

Light sleep quality is called Theta State of mind and its frequency is 4 to 8 hertz. Dreams also occur at this frequency.

The case of deep sleep is called the Delta State of Mind, its frequency is 1 to 4 hertz. There is no dream at this frequency.

Characteristics of the Alpha State of mind / Alpha waves:

You people have often experienced that you are thinking of a friend or loved one who is lost in your thoughts and suddenly the call or message of that friend is coming. This is because at this moment you are in the Alpha state of mind. The rays of this frequency are so powerful that they can even reach a bridge thousands of miles away and enter one’s mind or thinking.

When you think of someone missing in your thoughts, the frequency of your thoughts enters their mind and they get your idea, then they call or message you.

It never happens that you think about someone in a rage and suddenly get calls. Because in the mood of anger the mind is in the Beta state of mind.

Meditators also take their tongues to the Alpha State of mind so that they can enter the world of meditation. This frequency enlightens us from another world, things that cannot be seen with the outward eye, can be seen in this state of mind.

The inspiration is also at the same frequency, the sixth sensation operates at the same frequency and the detection also appears at the same frequency. Intuition is found, insight is given, compassion is aided, and spiritual healing or energy healing is at the same frequency. The wonders of the spiritual world can be seen in the same state of mind.

The look also looks from the same state of mind. No one can be seen as optional. This look also appears when one thinks of this frequency. Often we find ourselves quietly watching our children play in the alpha state, so our own eyes are drawn to the children.

We can all benefit from this if we learn to live and live in the Alpha state of mind.

  1. We will not have Stress, Depression will not. Will not get angry
  2. There will be no headaches, the brain will freshen up. And obviously the brain will stay fresh, so the body will stay fresh. The diseases will subside.
  3. You will not be confused with any daily tasks.
  4. Insight, which will always make the right decisions for you.
  5. The intentions and intentions of the people will be reflected you to some extent. And you will never be deceived.
  6. Your 6th sense will be sharp and enough things will be known to you ahead of time.
  7. New Ideas will come to your mind, it will not be difficult to find a solution to a problem.
  8. Whatever work you do, you will have a lot of confidence in yourself
  9. Whatever you say will go straight into people’s hearts. The notion of this frequency is “no power but the flight does”.
  10. Your capacity and capacity will increase. The little things will not annoy or disturb the cup.
  11. You will have a very good relationship with the spiritual world and with your Lord, you will have a real enjoyment of life and worship. You will feel closer to God.

How to achieve an alpha state of mind ??


It is very easy, as you do not have to work hard during daydreaming, you go into this frequency by yourself. Similarly, you can get this state of mind optionally.

Relax your body and tongue. Your muscles will be loose and your body will be relaxed. Then loosen your tongue, and you will feel the heat coming out of your tongue and the mind cooling down. The brain is slowing down and is slowing down.

The movement of neurons is slowing down and calming. When the mind is cool and relaxed and the mind is emptied of different thoughts, this is just the Alpha state of mind. You may also experience mild drowsiness.

Now all I actually have to try and do is inform myself, “I ought to maintain that state of mind, to not speak aloud, to not be angry, to not specific emotions showing emotion.

If you learn to maintain this condition for a few days’ works, then your anger, tension, insomnia, and insomnia will all be resolved. Your life will take you to a higher place.


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