What you should know before buying an apartment

What you should know before buying an apartment


Most likely, you have always needed to have your own home and possibly have not thought about the advantage of buying an apartment. 

Before buying an apartment, you should consider this important point: 

That the decision between buying a house or a residence must be in universal agreement with your partner to make this transaction more fluid: in terms of investment, location and construction style where they want to buy. 

Also, you should know these essential variables in terms of department design: 

  •         Apartment buildings of many units, tower type: in tall buildings, where apartment units multiply, relations betweenneighboursare more impersonal, as the number of people living in the building is more significant. 
  •         Apartment buildings of a few groups can be two or three floors in total. Here the relationship between owners andneighboursis made more accessible. 

This difference in the design of the apartment building is significant at the time of the election and depends on the lifestyle of each family. 

As you can see, there are different aspects that you should be clear about before buying an apartment in any city, including Veracruz. 

The location of the apartment building 

The location is the most crucial point when deciding to buy an apartment since it must be in an area that has: 

  • Execellent communication and road service. 
  •         Public transport. Next to the schools, if they have children, to the work of a family member.
  •         Access or proximity to essential services such as markets.
  •         If the family has specific medical requirements, have emergency medical services nearby.

Advantages of low-rise buildings and few apartments 

These two or three-story buildings are trendy in which there are two to three apartments on each floor. This is an option that you can assess if it is in the areas that suit you and have the characteristics of location, transportation and proximity to the educational centres or the workplace of family members. 

Advantages of a department of a few floors and few units: 

1.   Having between two or three floors, you don’t need to be depending on elevators 

2.   In the case of earthquakes, you can feel safer since evacuation is more natural. 

Regarding security: 

The security of the department is essential, being very close to the street, especially on the first floor. The windows and balconies of an apartment on the first floor and in a building of few units must have bars or that allow you to place them according to the design of the building. Advantages of buildings in many departments and different height 

Tall buildings with many housing units also have advantages: 

1.   They can have common areas with more significant services since the maintenance payment of the condominium is divided among more owners. 

2.   If the building is tall, the surrounding views are more attractive. 

3.   On the upper floors, street noise is minimized by a lot of traffic. 


– You do not get to know all the neighbours or owners, and it may be that social relationships do not occur. 

Lighting in the apartment building is a point to consider 

Light is one of the factors that you should check before buying an apartment as a housing option. 

– Typical internal lighting installations in corridors and stairs, as well as in areas near the entrance. 

– The lighting of common areas must be of the highest quality. Outdoor and internal lamps must comply with excellent protection standards, to avoid subsequent damage that will increase the cost, for replacement and therefore, your monthly maintenance payment of common areas where these expenses will be charged. If you want to buy an apartment in Dubai, get in touch with the best Real estate development companies. 


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