Why packaging is important in electronic business?


Why packaging is important in electronic business?

E-commerce companies have flooded the market with their wide range of product and services. The joy of getting the online orders delivered at our doorstep is a feeling we all love. And the joy doubles up when we see safe and secured packaging guarding our orders to the best. E-Commerce companies or electronic business rely heavily on quality packaging to ensure safe delivery and happy customers.

A number of online businesses are now opting for their own corrugated boxes rather than just packing the goods and sending it for delivery. The difference lies in crafting a reliable and good experience while adding on to the goodwill of the brand. Smart packaging has led to e-commerce business growth and an increase in ROI. Here is why packaging is important in electronic business!

Reduces the company costs considerably

If the products aren’t packed properly and sent through the logistics there are more chances of the products getting destroyed! As a result, the products may either not be accepted or returned by the customers adding on to costs like additional logistic charges, a refund of money, damage of goods, etc. Good packaging, on the other hand, ensures that the product reaches the customers safely and meets the purpose of online shopping. Further, instead of taking the random packaging materials from the market, companies like to get their packaging supplies manufactured as it is low on cost and meets the standards they would like for their customers to experience.

Build up a relationship with customers

For electronic businesses, there are only two points of contact between the customers and the business. It is either the website/app or the product being delivered to the doorstep. The right packaging introduces the customers to the goodwill, vibes, and service of the company to its optimum. The well-packed product leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of the customers. Be it any product i.e. home supplies, home décor, food, oil, etc – if the product is delivered intact to the customers the customer has a good experience with the brand. And that itself makes for an everlasting relationship and loyal customers.

The packaging is the brand’s identity

Every electronic business today has a customized logo, brand name, and sticker put on the goods they deliver. And one thing that differentiates between these brands is their packaging style. While some brands go for the bag style packaging with easy lightweight delivery, the others opt for corrugated boxes filled with bubble wraps to deliver the products safely. Brands have established their identity in the market with their product packaging style. Customers stay loyal to the brands based on their experience of getting the product delivered, packaging style and ultimately the safety of the product when it reaches them. Stronger packaging means a stronger brand identity.

Adds up to the brand value

Packaging in electronic business is not just about putting the product in a container to deliver it to the customers. It is about storing it safely, packaging it beautifully and protecting the product from any damage that might occur during transit. When the packaging fulfills all the needs of delivering the product safely to the customers, it adds up to the value of the brand. Customers become aware of the brand’s vision and service for being the most effective and safe product delivering partner.

Reliability for expensive products

When customers order a higher priced item over the internet, they are concerned about its quality and delivery. It is the right packaging that ensures no matter what the price of the product is, it shall reach the customers safely and without any damage. Good packaging builds up that reliability amongst customers to buy even the most expensive products and expect it to arrive at their doorstep without any hassle.

To handle the wear and tear of logistics

Logistics companies use their space for rent as per square meter. They deal with millions of parcels within dedicated spaces. All sorts of product integrity, love and care are lost as soon as the product is sent out from the e-commerce business warehouse to the logistics. And as there is no control over the product before it reaches the customers, the e-commerce brands think of all worst scenarios before crafting the packaging style. The packaging of the product is what saves the product from getting damaged. The art of right packaging only leads to safety and surety that even though the logistics might not handle the product well, it shall reach the customers in a secured and safe condition.

Rebranding the products

Although e-commerce brands only curate the products of other brands with customized discounts and reviews, they rebrand it by way of packaging. An order placed on Amazon, be it a JBL speaker, or an Apple Laptop still remains as an order placed on Amazon. The initial packaging is carefully put into the customized corrugated box with a logo of the e-commerce business on top. This covers the original brand and rebrands the consignment in a way that customers only get to see and hear the name of the web business. Packaging ultimately becomes a key advertising opportunity for the websites and electronic businesses to promote their business on the streets.

The feeling of unboxing!

We all have gone through it a lot of times. The joy of unboxing an online consignment is a different one especially when you have bought it on discount. The unique packaging style is what contributes to making this experience worthwhile. When the customers have invested money into buying something over the website, they want to experience the feeling of unfolding through the corrugated boxes, translucent sheets, bubble wraps, etc to finally find the original and sealed packaging of the product. With the right colors, material and style of packaging the brands can add on to the experience to make for a base of loyal customers.

The packaging is an art for the electronic businesses to connect to the audience, deliver their products right and mark for a happy experience. It is one of the key aspects of driving online business today!


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