sensitive nature

Why Sensitive nature has a strange problem:


Sensitive nature also has strange problems for people. These people who give up their time to give up their engagement for others, not only feel small things but feel responsible for everything else.

One can ignore, speak in a harsh tone as if everything goes deep into thinking. They would also forget their pain in order to please others.
Then there comes a time when they lose their worth, even if there are people who are available all the time, who rejoin our feelings of joy and join us.

Such people were considered fools. Whether it is something or a human being coming to us without a struggle, we would not appreciate it.

We are accustomed to running behind things and humans that are far from our reach.

We also like to be humiliated behind those who do not value our compassion but consider it their duty to ignore those who quietly care about us like a shadow. Running behind the irrigation would falsify reality.

Then the same sensitive nature people would try to torture themselves inside, but they would not bring a letter to the complainant. Live life sensibly.

Relaxation: The actual content of human beings :

What man has been searching for the most in every age is the wealth of peace and contentment. Human beings enjoy pleasure, wealth, wealth, power and power, such as material and religion and spirituality, worship and worship.

The destination which has been seeking to reach the non-material paths like mathematics, morality, and service is the destination of peace and contentment.

Some people are genuinely conscious of this state of peace and contentment. They generally see it as a result of graduation and a relief from the stresses of a turbulent life.

But, in fact, it is the process of responding fully to the inner needs of the human personality. This is the purpose of the whole human quest. This is not difficult to understand.

Ask yourself about each of your actions, why do I do this or not? Ask the same question again and again. It should be clear shortly that everything we do has to achieve the ultimate desired comfort or maintain satisfaction.



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