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7 Ways to hack your YouTube SEO for 2019


youtube seo tips

When you are thinking of SEO, the first thing which might come to your mind is Google and its implementation. You are not wrong, though. Google has the most top searches and the management of SEO for its content, but it is not the only site on the internet where content happens.

It is easy to understand because Google is the most searched and hot topic among the people, and a lot of people do not know that content marketing takes place in another way as well. It does not imply the fact that you should only rely on this search engine for yourself.

For these video submission sites like YouTube, SEO matters as well, and there are some of the top ways to search and implement it. They are not as big and as famous as Google, but they will surely get you the search or the content money that you need from them. If you are not taking of the other search engines, then you are ensuring that your business should run on loss and this is not something which you want as a buzzing entrepreneur of your new firm.

Is YouTube SEO Different than Google SEO?

YouTube SEO might seem a little bit different than Google, but it is undoubtedly easy once you get the scopes for it. There are some regular YouTube SEO that can be functional for you and at the same time, they help you to understand the basic things you need to do so that your video can rank.
7 Practical Ways to hack through YouTube SEO right now

Here are some of the most compelling ways through which you can hack through YouTube SEO

1. Video keywords

Yes, video keywords exist, and you can implement them in your video. Keywords are
different when you are searching on YouTube. For example, most of the time, you can check
on YouTube that the keyword or the search term comes up with ‘How to’ type of videos. This
is because YouTube is a growing site, and people need to learn about different things from

2. Optimize your title

Now, do you know anything? When you are uploading your content on Google, then you
have to optimize your claim. Yes, the same goes for YouTube around here. You have to make
sure that the title of your video is not long. It should be optimal and should also be pleasing
in front of the reader’s point of view.

3. Put the tags

When you are doing SEO on Google, then you have to take care of the tagging as well. If you
don’t use tags on your videos, then the viewer’s won’t ever discover your video, and it will
stay in a pile for a long time. Always put the tag to the trending ones. Suppose you have
uploaded a video which is related to ‘beauty items’. Make sure that you search on Google
and find only the relevant video tags that will go with your content.

4. Be more social

Now when you have uploaded your content on YouTube, you have to ask your viewers to
comment. If they never comments on your video then you will never know your shortcoming
and this way, you can never rise to the top. Always be social and polite to your viewers and
be enthusiastic. Don’t just upload your content and disappear. It makes you look

5. Encourage people for subscribing

Do you want your account to be dormant? Well, no one would love it. This is the prime
reason why you need to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. You have to be polite
in the message that you send to them. Be more optimistic in your approach. Draft your letter
carefully when you are asking people to subscribe to your account. Let them know what you
have in store for them.

6. Step up your production

If you take a class from a lot of YouTubers out there, then they will only tell you one thing.
Production value can be increased, and you can have a lot in store for your viewers. If you
have a high paid production list and cost, then it can solve all your problems, and you can
attract the high-end audience.

7. Make an eye-catching thumbnail

Do you know how much your YouTube video thumbnail matters to you?
If you make a catchy YouTube thumbnail, then you are attracting your viewers in that
respect. They will know that you have content which you can show them. The thumbnail
should be optimized as well.


YouTube SEO is a great way to lead your content to a new genre of audience. It helps you to structure it out so that you can present a visualizing content for your followers.

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