The muscle-ups are probably the most captivating but the complicated exercises while requiring a great balance between strength, power and technique to perform them .

On the Internet you can find numerous tutorials to progress to a muscle-up and I have seen that many of these tutorials come with progressions and techniques quite dangerous for the average user and that they will also be quite difficult to perform, among other things for the acquisition of the necessary material .

That is why I have decided to create a basic tutorial, easy to perform and especially effective so that you can quickly progress to your first muscle-up.

Progression tutorial for muscle-ups

First step: Master the dominated

The first and most important step is that of, be it redundancy, to dominate the dominated ones . We must be able to perform at least 10 completely strict chokes with our body weight. If you still do not reach that amount of repetitions, I recommend you take a look at these 7 methods to increase repes .

I recommend doing separate strengthening exercises specific to the dorsal major, trapezium both middle and lower portion, posterior deltoid, minor round muscle and subscapular muscles.

My advice to be able to quickly increase your number of chin-ups is to lower the percentage of body fat , that is, I recommend you to be quite lean, around 10%, this is when all your abs are chiselled without having to contract them.

My second tip is that they train the dominated ones with a high weekly frequency (two to four times a week).

Second step: Strengthen your abdominal core

To perform a muscle-up we will need a fairly strong abdominal core or core. Any exercise that helps us strengthen it will be valid. I especially recommend the abdominal wheel and dragon flags.

The abdominal exercises typical as crunches are not the best option to strengthen our abdominal core , so avoid if your goal is to perform muscle-ups.

Third step (optional): Practice the Kipping Pull-ups

We will take this borrowed exercise from CrossFit. This exercise will teach us to balance properly for muscle-up and to position our body in a general way. This video tutorial explains very well the technique of this exercise:

Fourth step: Practice chest-to-bar domination

As you can guess by name, they are dominated in which we will take our chest to the bar. We must be able to perform at least 5 dominated strictly before we can perform, or half-perform, this exercise and even if you are able to perform dominated with some extra ballast, much better.

If you are not able to take your chest to the pull-up bar then you are not able to perform a muscle-up . Once you are able to perform 2 or 3 dominated in this way, you are ready to go to the next step.

Fifth step (optional): Dominated with ballast

The greater the amount of ballast you are able to move in dominated, the more “lighter” you will feel when performing dominated with body weight. You will feel that you will be flying in each repe after taking off your ballast.

Sixth step: Muscle-ups from the box

Here we will use a bank, box or any object to raise our height and jump to perform an “assisted” muscle-up.

Basically we will perform the last two parts of the muscle-up (the pull and the push), this will provide us with a correct motor learning technique and the more we practice this variant and the stronger we get, the easier it will be to perform our muscle-up. Here a video to see how it is done:

You are ready for muscle-up

Once you are done with all these steps you will be ready. If you have done them all correctly it should not be difficult for you to get at least a couple of well done repetitions. Remember that the more you practice them, the more you will be able to take out. To get more fit and energetic, you can get some high quality pharma grade hgh injections for sale online.

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