7 Incredibly Beautiful Beaches in Cebu for Beach Lovers to Frolic at!

gallery/7 incredibly beautiful beaches in cebu for beach lovers to frolic at!

If you love beaches and are looking for a tropical getaway, Cebu in the Philippines should be high on your radar. There are so many incredible and beautiful beaches in Cebu that you will be left completely mesmerized during your trip! A paradise for beach and nature lovers, Cebu City is an invaluable jewel in the crown of the gorgeous Philippines archipelago. There are innumerable white-sand beaches that couples, friends, and families alike can visit. If you plan a long trip, you can also explore some of the fantastic historical monuments in Cebu. For now, how about we take a quick peek at some of the best beaches in Cebu? Well, keep reading then!

Best & Most Beautiful Cebu Beaches to Visit:

Instead of making a short, hurried trip to Cebu City on last minute flights, try to plan a long trip to the region. This way, you will be able to explore as much of Cebu City as you can. You can also opt to stay at the best and most affordable beach resorts in Cebu during your trip. For an idea of where to begin sightseeing in the region, cast a quick glance at the ensuing list of the top beaches in Cebu.


1. Tingko Beach Cebu

Tingko Beach Cebu may be small but it’s among the most stunning beaches in Cebu. A hit with locals and tourists alike, Tingko Beach Cebu is best visited during clear and bright summer days. There is a small rock island in the midst of the sea here and is an absolute treat to watch. However, it can only be spotted during low tide as it tends to go under the sea when the tide is high.




















2. Bakhaw Beach

For travellers on a budget, this is among the best and most affordable beaches in Cebu to visit on Camotes Island. While there are no luxury Cebu beach resorts here, you can rent a decent cottage here and spend a relaxing time with loved ones. You can also bring your own food and drinks. Sitting under the towering palm trees lining Bakhaw Beach and gazing at the shimmering waters is among the most relaxing things to do here.


















3. Paradise Beach

Located on Bantayan Island, Paradise Beach is just as its name suggests, a paradise on earth! If you’re looking for less-crowded beaches in Cebu, this is the ideal choice. A small stretch of sand, tranquil ambience and litter-free landscape will enable you to enjoy the most peaceful vacation ever. It’s a great place to visit with kids as they will enjoy playing in the vast open space. Also, the beach’s small size will help you keep an eye on them.































4. Bounty Beach Cebu

Among the best beaches in Malapascua Cebu, Bounty Beach Cebu is absolutely delightful to visit. Tourists generally book business class flights for a visit to Malapascua Island to scuba dive with thresher sharks. However, Bounty Beach Cebu on Malapascua Island has been drawing scores of tourists as well. Its turquoise waters, white sands, lush palm trees, and a flurry of beachside activity with resorts, bars, and clubs are a massive draw.

















5. White Beach

This gorgeous stretch of white sand is among the top beaches in Cebu to explore. You can rent cottages or stay in affordable beach resorts in Cebu while visiting the White Beach. Also, adventure junkies can enjoy snorkelling at the stunning reef along the gorgeous Moalboal region. You will be able to spot adorable sea turtles and other fantastic marine life during your snorkelling adventure at one of the best beaches in Cebu.


6. Sumilon Island

A small but scenic piece of volcanic rock, this is among the most beautiful beaches in Cebu. The green-blue waters are heavenly and tempt tourists to enjoy a swim. Its tranquil surroundings and fewer crowds make this the ideal place for solitude seekers to visit. While the Sumilon Resort here is the only place where tourists can stay, it is among the best and most affordable beach resorts in Cebu.


7. Santa Fe Beach

Located on Bantayan Island, Santa Fe Beach is the ideal place to visit if you wish to drift away from the maddening tourist crowds. All you will hear are the peaceful sound of the waves and winds at the beach. Take a stroll or simply lay sunbathing - the choice is absolutely yours. The soothing ambience at the beach will instantly put you at ease. You can hire cottages or book rooms in any of the affordable Cebu beach resorts available on the island.


Best Time to Visit Cebu Beaches:

The beaches in Cebu can be visited at any time of the year if you can handle all kinds of weather. For instance, if you don’t mind a bit of heat, you can visit Cebu during the warm summer months of May to October. Similarly, those who are okay with rains can visit Cebu during the wet season of May to December. However, the ideal time to book cheap flights to Cebu City for a trip is during the dry season months of December to February. Thereby, pick whichever time is most ideal for you to travel and enjoy visiting these absolutely stunning beaches in Cebu.