Journey to mysterious Egypt

places to visit in egypt

Journey to mysterious Egypt


Egypt is a blend of mystery and history. Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest civilization in the world. Land of the pharaoh is full of fantasies, political upheaval, Royal rivalries, and Unique culture. Impressive excavations are not only part of historians curiosity but it also allures tourists from all over the world. Let's try to unfold Egypt and its glorious past:


1.Pyramids of Giza -


Silent valley of deads or Pyramids of Giza is the main tourist attraction in Egypt. Witnessing 4000 years of ancient royal chronicles, with extraordinary construction and impeccable geometry will leave you speechless. Massive tombs of Pharaohs are a tribute to ancient glory, will make you think about many " How's?".





















2. Temple of Abu Simbel-


Temple of Rameses II and Temple of Hathor collectively called as Temple of Abu Simbel, situated on the bank of Nasser is one of the most famous and spectacular monuments in Egypt. Marvellous arrangements of designs and acute use of engineering will leave you in awe-ness.




















3.Egyptian Museum -


Are you archaeologist by heart? Then the Egyptian museum is the exact place where you belong. It is full of ancient artefacts like Tutankhamun's glittering treasures, Pharoh's belongings, mummies, personal utensils, wine collectives, toys of the time, etc. It is a place to dive in for History wooers.



















4.Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan-


Massive yet elegant and incredible monuments is an amazing structural contribution from Mamluk dynasty to Egypt. It was built between 1356 to 1363 by sultan Hassan who was assassinated shortly before the mosque was completed.



Aydos ( known as Ibdju in ancient time) was the place of burial in ancient time. Temple of Osiris ( God of the dead ) is also situated there. Tomb of Pharoah Djer is also identified their which is also considered as the tomb of Osiris himself. 



















6. Monastery of Anthony -


Nearby 4th-century Christian missionaries were entered into Egypt. Mainly they lived at the foot of Gebel Al Galala Al Qibliya with their spiritual leaders. More than 120 monks spent their lives in Monastery of Anthony to seek God in isolation. Remains of Monastery will revive the spiritual glimpses of monks.


7.Western Desert


Deserts are an integral part of Egypt. Older than pyramids, Western Desert will give you treat of sunset at Gebel Al Ingleez in Bahariya, Five oases, exploring the treasure of Al-Qasra, etc.


8.Saqqara -


Extended up to 7 km into the Western Desert, Saqqara is the huge cemetery of ancient Memphis, was burial ground for more than 3500 years. The name Saqqara is most likely derived from Sokar, the Memphite god of the dead. It served as a final resting place for many pharaohs, royal families, generals, and administrators.


9.Red Sea Coast-

With 1200km of the coastal line from Suez, Red sea coast served as a major trade transportation centre since ancient Egypt. In the early days of Muslim invasions, it was also an axis of Muslim pilgrims. Now fabulous island reefs near the brash resort of Hurghada and  Port Safaga, El-Quseir and Marsa Alam to the south are central tourist attraction points.


10.Bahariya Oasis-

About 375 km away from Cairo, Bahariya Oasis is the most accessible oasis for tourists. Covered with Date palms, numerous springs, rocky terrain is a perfect scenic treat. Recently archaeologist found Golden mummies, are contemplated as a new attraction for tourists.


11.Siwa Oasis-

50 km away from Libyan fertile land, Siwa oasis is another beautiful spot for travellers to enjoy their evenings surrounded with olive and date palms, crystal clear springs, Donkey cart rides, Motorbike adventures. The mesmerizing beauty of Siwa is a spell hard to escape from.



Once served as a garrison for military campaign against Nubia, is not a region of scenic beauty. The large island of Seheyl and the village of Gharb Seheyl, situated just north of the old Aswan Dam, The palm-studded islands, colourful Nubian villages will steal your heart.


13.El -Fishawi -

A centuries-old, and one of the oldest cafe in Egypt, El-Fishawi. The atmosphere in caféwill take you back in old Egypt days, with lots of merchant talks, Waiters mingles with the sound of glasses, the aroma of different drinks served in copper cups. If if you get a chance to hit the place, try yansoon, an aniseed tea, or karkaday, a hibiscus infusion over tea or coffee. This is the Egyptian national drink.


14.Khan Al Khalili-

Are you a shopaholic? Bored of visit same old pattern malls? The skinny lanes of Khan Al Khalili will spice up your shopping habits. Here medieval-style street, 14th-century decor, aglomerated shops offer you every variety of soaps, attar (perfumes), traditional pieces of jewellery, traditional attire, wooden toys like camel or pyramids. You can buy many souvenirs to magnify your Egyptian collection of memoirs.



The city of Alexandria (Al Iskendariyya) was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC when he was 25 years old. Pharos lighthouse used to be one of the seven wonders once was situated in Alexandria. Moreover, this was the place of the Great Library, the source of ancient knowledge and hub of various old manuscripts. Unfortunately, Pharos lighthouse and the Great library wrecked partly under the sea and rest lost in a wave of modernization. But still few visible remnants ancient glory stands firm, witnessing its incredible past.



Luxor has frequently been characterized as the "world's greatest open-air museum". The ruins of the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor stand within the modern city. Immediately opposite, across the River Nile, lie the monuments, temples, and tombs of the West Bank Necropolis, which includes the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. You can also enjoy hot air balloon rides and cruise rides from Luxor to Aswan.


Besides these places, you will also encounter with modern Egyptian developments. In fact, Egyptian cities are a unique fusion of modern and ancient architectural sites. Visiting Egypt is the best gift for those who live in the current era but enjoy diving in the grandeur of the past. 


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