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Seeking Manila Travel Tips?

Here are 10 Things to Know When Traveling to Manila




Packed to the brim with culture, intriguing traditions, delicious food, and insanely awesome shopping ops, Manila is among the most exciting travel destinations in the world. There are a few key things to know when traveling to Manila as this is, unfortunately, among the most berated travel destinations as well. The capital of one of the most spectacular archipelagos in the world, Manila travel is among the most fun things ever. For those wondering ‘What do I need to travel to the Philippines,’ the answer depends on your destination in the country. If that place happens to be Manila, we have some of the best Manila travel tips to help you out! Read on to know about some of the most important things to know when traveling to Manila


Top Things to Know About Manila Before Your Trip:

For those travelling to Manila for the first time and wondering what to expect in the Philippines, be assured that there is plenty to see and do here. There are plenty of Manila travel blogs you can skim through online for an idea of what kind of Manila attractions to enjoy. However, be careful not to make an unplanned trip on cheap last-minute flights. It’s always better to travel to a new destination prepared. Cast a quick glance at the list below of the top things to know when travelling to Manila.


1. What is Manila like?

One of the top things to know when travelling to Manila is that it’s really like several cities amalgamated into one. There are historical portions like Intramuros, artsy ones like Quezon, and super-chic ones like Makati and Bonifacio Global City. Craft the ideal Manila itinerary for your trip depending on which of these parts you’d like to visit the most.


2. Is Manila safe to travel to?

Like any other place, Manila is home to certain areas deemed too dangerous for tourists. Check what these are along with travel alerts before your trip. It’s best for first-time travellers to the Philippines to hire a Manila tour guide as they are very familiar with the region. That being said, Manila is quite safe to travel to. Just ensure to take your regular safety precautions.


3. How to get around in Manila

Jeepneys and tricycles are the most popular and cheap ways to get around in Manila. While it is a regular mode of transport for the locals, it can be an adventure to ride in a jeepney or a tricycle in Manila. They can be found in various parts of the city. However, keep in mind that Manila is an important metropolitan city and, thereby, traffic can be overwhelming.


4. Where to stay in Manila

One of the most important things to know when travelling to Manila is that there are several places to stay here. You can pick anyone depending on your budget and other preferences. Popular business hotel Shangri-La Makati offers a luxurious stay to corporate travellers arriving on business class flights. For others, The Peninsula and Raffles Makati are great options.


5. Best time to visit Manila

April to June is summer time in Manila and can be too hot and humid to visit. The best time to visit Manila is from November to March when the weather is at its awesome best. Among the important things to know when travelling to Manila is that after Christmas is the best time for shopaholics to visit the city. You can buy cool things at discounted rates during this time.


6. Shopping in Manila is an adventure

Speaking of buying cool things, also among the best things to know when travelling to Manila is that the city is a paradise for shopaholics. There are flea markets, high-end malls, boutique stores, and community shopping areas among other things in Manila. Also, it doesn’t cost as much to shop in Manila as in other places in the world.


7. Manila nightlife is a must-have experience!

Among the most amazing things to know when travelling to Manila for party-animals is that the nightlife here is insanely cool. There are scores of pubs, bars, and nightclubs dotting every other region of the city. Also, entry to these clubs is pretty cheap with some of them charging as less as $10. Just make sure to brush up on the Philippines laws for tourists to avoid getting in trouble.


8. Is travelling to Manila alone on a budget possible?

It might come as a surprise to most tourists but one of the most important things to know when travelling to Manila is that it won’t cost much. Even if your Manila itinerary contains visits to some costly attractions, you’ll end up saving quite a bit. If you choose reasonable accommodation, eat right, and use public transportation, travelling to Manila alone on a budget will be a breeze.


9. Manila food guide

Manila should feature high on the bucket lists of travellers who are foodies. Filipino cuisine is a melting pot of fabulous dishes embodying Chinese, English, Japanese, and Spanish influences. If you’re confused about what to eat where in Manila, just ask a local and they will gladly be your Manila food guide. Visit popular restaurants and street food spots to enjoy iconic Filipino dishes.


10. Locals are super-friendly

After you arrive in the city on cheap flights to Manila, the first thing you will notice is that the locals are extremely welcoming. This is among the best things to know when travelling to Manila. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance as the locals are very helpful. Mingle with the locals and make new friends. Many of them will unhesitatingly invite you to their home for a family get together. Accept graciously and enjoy your best trip yet!



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