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Pakistan is now days very active in the fashion industry. Pakistani fashion designers are setting a new benchmark for the fashion world. Pakistan fashion made in Pakistan is now presented all over the world on different fashion platforms. Pakistani designers are remarkable in their respective fields. Some designers work with very outrageous fashion which has its own beauty and uniqueness. Some of the designers are making their stance in haute couture, western style. There are some designers working on the bridal style of clothing. Many are working on formal dresses which have a huge part in the market and it is much liked all over the world. The fashion industry praises Pakistani designers for their creativity and their sense to mix two types of cultures via clothing.

Pakistani culture is a very beautiful culture consisting of many beautiful customs making it a very unique and interesting culture. The Pakistani national dress is shalwar and kameez. The interesting factor about this dress is that it is worn by men, women, and kids too. The women wear it with dupatta where as men and kids wear it without a dupatta. Dupatta is considered as a sign of modesty in the culture. It is used as a shawl to cover your body’s appearance. Pakistan is a Muslim state which signifies that modesty is one of the major factors which is kept in mind while designing the national dress. Pakistani wedding wear or bridal dresses are very beautiful. Their origin comes from India. The typical wedding dress worn in the desi wedding is of red color which signifies the color of love and blood. It identifies that the wedding is not only done on a surface level but a connection is made with blood and soul.

Aisha Imran The Modern Designer

aisha imran bridal collection

The designer Aisha Imran is said to have a very classical mixed with the modern style of designing. Her dresses are made to make you look like a queen on your big day. Aisha Imran is very modest with her designs. Shes says that she does not design a dress that she herself cannot wear the attire. Her dresses are very top-notch and have a hint of Mughlai times in them. The dresses are made with such elegance and grace that it makes the dress looks like its straight from fashion heavens. The patterns and use of a mix of cloths are made so seamless that it looks like the two different types of cloths blend together very beautifully. She is also known for using beautiful and intricate embroidery on the cloths. She puts extra effort in the designing of the embroidery. Her designs are super delicate and the work on them is by Aisha Imran herself.

Her Rise To Fame

aisha imran dress collection

Aisha Imran is one of the designers of Pakistan who has always from the start got immense success and she is still considered as the best fashion designer for brides. She has got many customers on her hand because of her work and her dedication to the client. The brand tries to facilitate her clients in the best ways possible. She one of those designers who believe that everybody knows what suits them and knows how they can make the dress work for themselves. She allows the clients to make changes in the dresses as they desire and help the clients in making the dress fit to their style. She takes extra good care of the client’s opinion she facilitates them in the most convenient ways. She just wants her clients to feel the best in her dresses and she wants that the client to feel comfortable with how they look and this gesture of her helps the client in making them feel the best.

The Elegant Bridal Collection

elegant bridal collection

The fashion designer bridal collection is considered one of the best in Pakistan. She tries to infuse the classical style of bridal couture with the newer trendy style. Her recent collection which was showcased at PFW is very beautiful and very appealing to the eye. The dresses are mostly seen that a mix of 2 to 3 colors and her collection consists of dresses which can be worn by a bride on all her different ceremonies. The brides themselves say that Aisha makes them look and feel the best. Aisha is and inspiration for many newcomers in the industry and many try to adopt her style.