Artificial Intelligence (AI) in CyberSecurity


Before you read the article, shall we take a few minutes of your valuable time? What do you think about the title? Artificial Intelligence or AI in CyberSecurity? Isn’t it confusing? Yes, for a technical guy it may be. The reason, Artificial intelligence, as per many persons, is linked to automation and doing tasks similar to a human. Just look at CyberSecurity. It is a vast subject which has absolutely no boundaries. AI is linked to numerical algorithms, and so does machine learning. But as far as cyber-attacks are concerned, warding off the complicated virus or ransomware is not a simple task. Let us discuss on how AI can help in CyberSecurity.

Artificial Intelligence, CyberSecurity, and Training

What do you know about antivirus or antispyware? Let us discuss in steps. They are software applications, which can prevent or destroy computer viruses designed to do harm or transfer data from your computer. Right? Now, where does artificial intelligence fit in this procedure? Please wait for a little time, Sir/Madam. We are not beating in the bush.

Let us get down to the facts within no time.

Do you know that virus, ransomware or any type of cyber threat is also software intended to do damage? And when a hacker tries to get in your system. He/she leaves the footprints. Before designing an AI cybersecurity application, the coder takes into account thousands of similar hacker footprints, so that the software can detect the weakness and followed procedures. With an entire set of footprints and patterns in the database, AI can easily identify the security breach happening and take extreme measures to stop the offense.

How Do Hackers Get Into The Company Server?

They cannot enter directly to the server. But they find the loopholes. For example, they find their way via the embedded systems such as printers, video cameras or the devices connected to the network. Usually, many companies do not follow the safety precautions required to set up a perfect cybersecurity system. Will you believe that the default administrator passwords are not even changed? It is by taking care of the vulnerabilities that the hackers gain entry. Then they can gain entry to the entire network.

But if you have implemented an AI cybersecurity application, then it scans the entire network for weaknesses and then gives alert. However, AI in cybersecurity is still in the initial stages and many times, it requires human interference to do the job.

Artificial Intelligence in CyberSecurity

Fine, shall we look at some examples of AI in cybersecurity?

1. Spam Filter Applications

Do you use Gmail? Then you must know about its spam email detecting activity. The email has AI applications to detect and block spam emails. And the AI is a self-learning mechanism. So, every time, you divert an email to the spam folder, the AI in billions of emails learns and stores in the database. The amount of information in its database has made the Gmail AI sharper and it can detect even the most cleanly written advertising email.

2. Fraud Detection in Banks

Let us imagine, you are a customer service vendor of a company which offers laptop repair service in Pune. You have applied for a loan from a private bank. You already have taken loans from other banks. So when you submit the documents, the private bank will make use of AI algorithms to detect your spending habits, vendors and purchase locations. If you have paid the dues correctly, the AI algorithms will give a positive result. Else, it can reject your loan application.

C. Detection of Vulnerabilities in Websites

Shall we explain by an example? You have a company in Hyderabad which offers computer repair. To ensure your company gets more customers, you have enlisted as a customer service vendor with a start-up which offers home repair services in Mumbai. This company also offers computer experts for laptop repair home service in Mumbai. For your company, you have a website and have installed the best security features. And there is an option to make payments by the customers on your website. Your cybersecurity team conducts regular checks to ensure that no breach has occurred. And they do not have to go through the same process again and again. They make use of bots, which conduct an examination on every other feature and then give the result.

D. Research Papers

We have given a few examples of AI in cybersecurity. But the fact is that there are research studies going on in every part of the world. In many research papers, AI has done the best of tasks in the detection of cyberattacks.

What About The Negative Aspect of AI in CyberSecurity?

Is there a reverse way? The negative impact of AI? Unfortunately, there is. The disturbing fact is even hackers are making use of AI to check the vulnerabilities in a website or security system. So in the future, if a security breach has occurred, it is because automated cyber-attacks have happened, and chinks have been found in the armor.

How do the hackers’ fool AI-based security systems? The best example – hackers proved that they can mislead self-driving vehicles, by manipulating the signs in the road detection system. This is the same method by which a hacker can fool AI cyber algorithms.

What Is The Second Method By Which Hackers Can Fool AI Cybersecurity?

How does an AI algorithm identify a virus? When it recognizes the signature patterns and footprints of the hacker. But now, hackers have become smart. They employ different methods of hiding their tracks by altering log files. In this situation, the AI tool may not identify the security breach.


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