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A lot of terms, acronyms and numbers that won’t inform us whatever. Which is higher? What suits me first-class? There are many doubts that may arise when we are contemplating renewing the PC. We assist you.When we are going to buy a computer, and we take a look at a version that catches our attention, we’re faced with a listing of technical specifications of a wide variety: processor, difficult pressure, RAM, snap shots card…

In Technology from you to you we want to help you with your purchase. For this, we’ve got prepared this guide wherein we can provide an explanation for what are the principle components of a pc, and what you have to don’t forget. Do no longer forget that, if what we need is to replace and improve the performance of our PC, we additionally offer you a PC element guide. In addition, on the stop of the manual we go away you a sequence of profiles in order that, depending on the use we’re going to give it, we look more at a few factors than others. Having made this advent, let’s begin with the basics.

Main additives


The coronary heart of a computer. This element is primary and therefore we should choose properly which one we take. A processor, explained in brief and sincerely, is the element this is chargeable for walking the running gadget and packages. The performance can vary substantially relying at the version we take. In the chips of the processors we can constantly discover information: the speed and the number of cores.

The important element while choosing a terrific processor is to know what use we’re going to give it. If it’s miles a low intensity use (surfing the internet, writing files) with an Atom or Core i3 processor we’ve got enough. If we are going to use it for games, and greater comprehensively, importing to a Core i5 chip (or one among AMD’s most current Risen 7) is a superb choice. Finally, if we are going to make an extra expert or very particular use, we ought to select a quad-center Core i7.

SSD and difficult power

We retain with every other essential issue: inner storage. That’s in which all of the statistics on our laptop is hosted, including the running gadget and its applications. In the case of conventional tough drives we must take a look at the writing pace.  This statistics indicates, in revolutions in step with minute, the speed of rotation of the plates used to shop the information. In precept with five, four hundred RPM we have enough for regular use but if we are able to get quicker an awful lot higher,

Presently difficult drives have become truly previous. SSD generation, which shops records in very rapid stable-kingdom memory chips, offers lots better velocity and marvelous get entry to instances without any noise. An operating device or game established on an SSD pressure starts up tons faster than on a hard pressure, to the factor that clearly with the aid of converting this thing an old pc can magically rejuvenate.

The biggest problem with SSDs is that they’re a bit extra expensive. The cutting-edge recommendation is to apply an SSD if now not a great deal data goes to be saved and upload a conventional hard disk of excessive ability as a secondary power for heavier records, which includes big collections of music and movies. Most customers have enough with a 256 GB SSD. One tip: in case you take a difficult disk with loads of capacity, make two partitions to separate the machine documents from non-public facts which include snap shots and song. You will keep away from multiple disgust.

Remember, you could continually pick to use outside gadgets to sell off statistics and take it with you everywhere. If you need extra facts about internal and outside difficult drives, in Technology from you to you we’ve a manual that will help you to your choice.


RAM is a form of memory that the processor makes use of to quickly unload calculations to run applications. Over the years the excellent has been enhancing lots, and nowadays it is straightforward to discover RAM at a fairly low priced rate. If we are going to use a pc for the basics, with four GB we have enough. The most demanding will get an excellent performance with 16 GB, and subsequently, for expert makes use of, the quantity may additionally vary depending at the task we are going to perform.

When it comes to expanding the RAM, be it a laptop or a laptop computer, we need to look cautiously if we’ve got loose slots at the motherboard. Normally the desk gadget comes with a free space to put greater. In the case of laptops it relies upon on the version. Always don’t forget that the type of RAM must be similar to the only frequent through the motherboard.

Graphic card

In a famous way, the pics card is commonly related to video games. However, this is not entirely proper. This element is responsible for processing all of the visible data produced in the CPU (that is, the processor) and send it to the reveal. Thus, deciding on a handy card may be very essential since it is who will display us what we’re going to see at the screen.

Both Intel and AMD regularly provide relevant processors with included playing cards that, for fundamental use, are greater than enough. However, every time we will (specifically if we plan to play with this laptop, watch HD video or work), we must decide ​​for a separate pics card. Both AMD and NVidia have extremely good fashions. Look closely at the memory of everyone. With four GB we are able to have sufficient, but eight GB will assure us an extra fluid operation throughout the subsequent years.


The motherboards and the photos card have a sequence of outputs, connectors, which permit us to connect special peripherals. From the primary ones just like the keyboard, the mouse and the screen to different extra unique ones just like the USB ports. When searching at what connectors our laptop has we need to recall what we’re going to use and what our devices use. It is well worth having a screen with HDMI input if our pix card does no longer have it.

As for the video outputs, today the pics cards in the laptop computer systems have Display Port and HDMI outputs. The DVI layout is in opposite. These connectors are able to sending an excessive definition signal to a monitor. Most laptops have a Display Port output that we are able to use to connect some other monitor or a projector, in case we have to make shows in elegance or paintings.

The most modern-day and powerful computers, inclusive of the modern-day Apple transportable models however also many designed for games, combine Thunderbolt era into the USB-C port itself . This reduces the number of connectors and cables had to connect the pc to an outside show.Some expert laptops intended for the academic marketplace nevertheless have VGA / D-sub outputs, given that this connector is widely used in older projectors.


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