Top mistakes made by SEO agencies that hamper your online business


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a complicated mechanism which has become one of the primary methods to work on website traffic. As the technology expands the SEO techniques are evolving making new changes in the way it works for the websites. Companies are in dire need to stay updated with the latest techniques to be able to make their content rank. While some businesses are able to tap into the changes, others are working on the same old techniques.

The worst part about SEO is that what might have worked for your website before might not work a year later. SEO is dependent on marketing methods, coding technicalities etc needs continuous efforts from the experts to bring about a difference. SEO agencies, although pay a lot of stress on updated technology, sometimes make mistakes that can hamper your online business. Here are the top mistakes made by SEO agencies that should be avoided to make your online business gather the momentum on the internet.

Choosing to buy traffic for websites

SEO agencies try to forge the presentation of a brand for prospective customers to show the popularity of the brand. As a result, the traffic numbers are sometimes purchased from the market to give the brand or website a social status. In the long run, this purchased traffic only creates a false impression that can be caught on the internet easily. While the purchased traffic does not result in any prospective customers, SERPs identifying the false traffic can lead to your website being reported or put into the spam list. Go for only the organic traffic that builds up slowly but gives a true and honest perception of the website.

Use of wrong keywords

Keywords define SEO techniques for websites over the internet. As all the content put up on the website is guided towards these keywords, these should be chosen with due care. SEO agencies and companies choose to go for the keywords that they define for their products and work on it. But the key idea should be to target the keywords that the customers or traffic over the internet would use to identify the product or service. As keywords ultimately translate into viewer search it should be viewer based. Next, the keyword is often neglected when it comes to putting them up on the URL, Meta Titles, first paragraphs, etc. Using keywords right to optimize it well works all the time.

Not choosing content wisely

The quality of your website depends on the kind of content you put in. SEO experts work on the keywords to gather audience clicks, but the content build around is what makes the audience stay. Poor content only results in a one-time click and does not fetch any leads in the end. Moreover, although the website may rank because of keyword stuffing, the bad content can turn your traffic off. When going for content building it is essential to give your readers valuable content that enriches their experiences and gives them a reason to buy your products.

Not working on Website Speed Optimization

We all have the perception that SEO entails to creating content around the keyword and watching the performance on the same. But if the website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, 45% of the traffic is already lost. Website speed optimization is necessary to take the audience to the content before they lose interest in it. It is the work of the SEO agencies to work on the content that supports website speed and ace the running and website designseo friendly so that the traffic is optimized.

Not updating the analytical tools

A lot of SEO agencies trust their own tools for working on the analytics part of developing the SEO of the website. While it is good to have a trusted tool that works for the experts, choosing just one way of analyzing often results in neglecting of the developments in the field. As technology evolves, changing analytical tools, applications and techniques become a need. Updating the analytical tools makes the task more relative to the current algorithms and dig on the results that some apps or tools might not show.

Undue backlinking process

Back-linking is one of the benchmark steps to gather a large set of audience for the websites. And, creating backlinks for a website by integrating with other sites and undue mentions only results in lowering the quality of work! SEO agencies choose to go for paid backlinks and acquiring it from other websites to make the audience gathered to the platform. But the truth is nothing works better than organic backlinks. And to do this one should avoid paid backlinks and focus on best SEO practices where the campaigns, offers, etc are run and urge the audience to create backlinks for the website. It is organic and works effectively in the long run.

Ignoring local SEO for the brand

Not all brands target regional customers for their products. Some are just focused on attracting customers internationally. In this hoard, the SEO agencies often neglect the regional or local traffic and work on just covering the audience base of other cities and countries. Google, Bing and even Yahoo have algorithms that work better for businesses that have regional addresses and names along with the content that attracts regional customers. Strong local SEO can help in listing in the regional searches and ultimately gather the momentum to getting ranking on the international sites. Just focusing on global SEO takes a lot of time for the website to rank.


SERPs take plagiarism very seriously. And often the SEO agencies take this aspect for granted when it comes to developing content. Stealing other website content and using it can be offensive and can bring fines for the website in the long run. It is not recommended for organic SEO techniques.

SEO is a great way to work on the popularity of the website, but often the gravity of it is lost with the number of mistakes made. Run a check on what mistakes are being made on your site and holding your website back for ranking. Work on organic SEO practices and watch your brand grow!


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