Wedding Day – Getting Married in St.Petersburg


Women dreams come true one day

All girls are dreaming of getting married. Not all, to be honest, but most of them, let’s face the truth. Who or what is responsible for such a desire? Maybe there is a mysterious gene in a woman body or social stereotypes which girls absorb together with different school subjects and soap operas? My opinion is that fairy tales are the ones to blame. Everyone knows that a good girl always finds her prince, marries him and lives happily.

All countries have their own traditions and customs, Russia is not the exception. Here I would like to speak about the way Russian Women Marry Men in St.Petersburg- one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

After the proposal is done, a couple should fix the date of the wedding. Most Russians get married in summer. The reasons are obvious: weather conditions and traditions.

Russian couples like taking pictures during their wedding day, and not only during the ceremony itself, but during their short and impressive walk around the most attractive points in Petersburg.

There are 2 ways of getting married- the civilian ceremony and the religious one. According to the law marriage is considered legitimate if it is registered by the state, not by the church. Some people prefer to marry at the face of God so they have to marry twice. In St.Petersburg most couples prefer the so called Wedding Palaces, located in former palaces of Russian aristocrats, among amazing interiors with marble staircases and crystal chandeliers. tours in st petersburg

Making preparations for wedding

Next the most difficult part in all the wedding process are preparations. Bride gown, restaurant, list of guests and honey moon, if couples still have money and forces after the whole wedding adventure. Oh, I forgot to mention a person called “tamada”, who is probably the most welcome and the most mysterious person at the Russian wedding, the person who can make the wedding party a disaster or the best day. It is the one who is in charge of amusing all the relatives and friends at the wedding party, to make toasts, to arrange dances, to make jokes, to make order from chaos.

After the official ceremony, couples make a short journey around the city. There are hundreds of limousines parked at most attractive points of Petersburg in summer , like the Bronze Horseman Monument, the Spit of Basil Island, the Rostrum columns, Peter and Paul Fortress, the entrance to the Hermitage, Mars Field, Palace Square and Issac’s Square.

Certainly there are some unique couples who jump into the airplane right after the wedding ceremony and escape the whole thing, but most couples do have a party which is mostly the party for the relatives, numerous friends and colleagues. It can be at home, at a restaurant or on a boat. Can you imagine a Wedding Day in Petersburg during White Nights or a honeymoon tour in Petersburg White Nights season? That is better to see once with your eyes!