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Why do some people hate vegetables? [2019]

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Do you hate eating some vegetables? According to a new study by American scientists, the cause may be hidden in your genetics.

If you get two copies of the inherited ‘invasive taste gene’ and you eat vegetables such as green cabbage and sprouts, this will surely produce ‘crunching cravings all day’.

Peoples doesn’t like vegetables :

According to research, that is probably why it is difficult for some people to incorporate vegetables into their diet.

The flavors of beer, coffee, and dark chocolate can also be a source of scent for you.

Evolutionally, if one is sensitive to bitter taste, this is a good thing because it can help prevent people from eating toxins.

But Dr. Jennifer Smith and those working with her at the University of Kentucky School of Medicine say it may also mean that some people have difficulty eating recommended vegetables and fruits five times a day. ۔

Everyone inherits two copies of the inherited gene called TAS2R38. This protein contains a protein that tells the tongue about the bitter taste.

Some people find two copies of this variant of the gene, called AVI, and are not sensitive to the taste of certain chemical compounds.

People who have one copy of ‘AVI’ and another copy ‘PAV’ may feel the taste of the chemical compounds, but they are not as intense as those who have There are two copies of this gene.

They are also known as ‘super testers’ who find this diet bitter.

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Scientists have studied 175 people and found that people who have two copies of the ‘PAV’ type of this gene can eat only a small amount of green leafy vegetables, which are good for the heart.

Dr. Smith advised doctors that you also have to take care of the flavors of things if you want the patient to follow your nutritional guidelines.

Researchers are hopeful they will be able to explore in the future whether the use of peppers can relieve the bitterness of vegetables and make vegetables more attractive to people who inherently hate certain types of them. Have found.


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